【求2009年吉林省高考英语作文范文(急)】假设你是李华,正在英国接受英语培训,住在一户英国人家里。今天的房东Mrs Wilson不在家,你准备外出,请给Mrs Wilson写一留言条,内容包括:

mrs wilson, i’m going out shopping, and won’t be back until about 5:00 pm. i have taken with me the

mrs wilson, i’m going out shopping, and won’t be back until about 5:00 pm. i have taken with me the two books you asked me to return to the city library. at about 1 o’clock this afternoon, tracy called, saying that she couldn’t meet you at bolton coffee tomorrow morning as she has something important to attend to. she felt very sorry about that, but said that you could set some other time for the meeting. she wanted you to call her back as soon as you are home. she has already told susan about this change.

■谁能帮我写一偏英语作文 : 假如你是某国际学校高中一年级的学生李华。你收到英国笔友Peter一封信。请你应他的要求,跟据下面的内容写一封回信,谈谈你的有关情况。


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last week, our teacher asked us to do a research in groups on the myopia problem of our class. the figures showed that of the 50 members, there were 30 near-sighted classmates. we looked into the reasons as well. there were 18 people watched tv or computer screen for too long, and another 9 read books with a incorrect posture, and the other 3 for unknown reasons. since there are more near-sighted classmates in our class, i suggest that our fellow students should learn the right posture for reading and reduce the hours watching tv.



dear lili:

i was gao hua. now we are about to graduate, and really quite reluctant to. remember the days we have fun together, feeling immense occasion. during these three years, we cry together, laugh together, playing together, along with annoying, what a simple but happy for three years ah!

today's us, will be their own to fly far away but i would very much hope that our friendship will last forever.

after us, can also always with us? i am going to sincere friendship, will always treasure in my heart.

                                                                                                                        gaohua 中文:亲爱的丽丽:






inner beauty is important. physical exercise. arrange scientificly diet

■英语作文。假如你是一名高中生李华。在学习英语过程中遇到了困难请给 English weekly的

不是copy的哈 刚写的~

dear editor,

i'm li hua,a student from high school.till now i've been learning enlish for many years.but these days i find that my study has been stuck and i'm longing for your assistance.

first of all is the prononciation.i know that there are two kinds of prononciation:the american prononciation and the british prononciation.could you help me distinguish the two styles of prononciation?

secondly is the vocabulary.despite the fact that a large vocabulary can contribute to your reading comprehension and composition,it can be really tough to memorize words.could you give me some instructions on memorizing words?

moreover,i'd like you to introduce some reading skills to me.for instance,how to read fast,how to read with purpose,and how to find out the core of the passage.

i'll appreciate it if you could help me deal with my trouble.

waiting for your reply.


sincerely lihua


dear david,

how are you lately? it's been some time we haven't written to each.

the summer vacation is near. i am going to go to great britian, your country for a visit. i am very interested in the history and culture in your country. i try to know more about it. i plan to visit london,  edinburgh,manchester and some other places. i think i will stay in great britain for about ten days. but i am not sure where i should start from and what i need to take with me. can you give me some suggestions?

look forward to your reply.

best regards

yours, li hua


dear liming,

i know you are now having trouble communicating with others, and you may often feel lonely. that's because you are new here and people don't know about you. but i think you can make it if only you can follow the advice below.

first, you should take an active part in the discussions and show your own opinions about the matters, and at the same time, learn to listen to other people's views. second, you should learn about your classmates' likes and dislikes. then you can have much in common with them. this way, you can get to know more different people and show them that you are just as friendly. last but not least, i'm always here ready to help. we can take part in some activities together and i can introduce you to others.

with time going on, people will know you better and will like to make friends with you if you can do as the above.

best regards,

zhang hua

■英语作文 假设你是李华,寒假即将来临,你的英文笔友Mark来信问候你的安排。

dear mark,

the winter vacation is on its arrival. i think it would be best that you could arrange your time during the holidays so that you could effectively fulfill the following tasks.

you must use this time to finish your homework and revise all that you have learnt during the previous semester, so to upkeep your academics.

in addition to securing your grades, you should also maintain good health. one of the important things to do is doing sports regularly so as to burn your calories efficiently and put your body in consistent physical training.

lastly, you should join some social activities, earn some experience in socializing, and build more self-esteem.

i wish you all the best during your winter vacation.

yours sincerely,

lee wah

(126 words)


dear liping:

my good friend,everything is ok?well ,it is a pity that you failed the exam ,but please don't be disapointed about it ,i know you are a good student and always work hard,and you want to go to the key high school ,the failure may be hurt you 。but you should that everything has two sides , it may be a power for you to be a more successful person, so don't give up,i believe you,you are the best ,let‘s make progress together。

yours sincerely li hua


the united kingdom

when people refer to britain, they often use different names such as britain, england, the united kingdom or the u.k. but they are not the official of the country which is the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland.

it is an island country surrounded by the sea. it lies in the north atlantic ocean off the north coast of europe from which it is separated by the english channel in the south between england and france is quite narrow and the north sea in the east.

the origins of a nation was from 5000bc to ad1066,the norman conquest.william the conqueror established the feudal system in england. the shaping of the nation was from 1066 to 1381. during the time, it was the best-known event ,the handred years' war with france from 1337 to 1453. at the end ,calais was only part of france that was still in the hands of the english.the expulsion of the english from france is reregarded as a blessing for both courntries. transition to the modern age was from 1455 to 1688, it started as the wars of roses and end with the glorious revolution of 1688. the rise and fall of the british empire

was from 1688 to1990. it happened the industrial revolution that lead to economy growing very farst,the chartist movement and two world wars when the economy fell down .

economy recoveried and developed quite significantly in 80s but in 1989 inflation caused by over -heated economy bringing one of the most remarkable periods in the british economy. until 2008 the economy crises covered all over the world, the british economy inflicted heavy losses. the economy got recoveried slowly from 2009 to now.

the britain has a long history culture.the william shakespeare is generally regarded as the greast writer in the english language. and the education is very famous in the world like the universities of oxford and cambridge popularly known as oxbridge.major sports are football or soccer , the most sport in england. then cricket,the most typically english of sports, has been in existence since the 16th century. it is played in schools colleges and universities, and amateur teams play weekly games in cities, towns and villages from late april to end of september.

there are many scenic spots. the tower bridge of london can pass through the giant titanic are well-known. stonehenge in wiltshire constructed before 2000bc. exactly why it was built is unknown.big ben, palace of westminster, river thames and so on you can travell to the united kingdom to feel natural and cultural beauty.


my last saturday

i am li hua ,last saturay our class with our teachers went to beijing for vacation .

we visited some places of interest,like the summer palace and the fragrant hill. they were great.

this saturday,we took lots of photos,talked and laughed,we were so happy ,though we were tired.

this was my first time to go out .i enjoyed myself. the views were so beautiful that we want to take a vacation there again .

■急急急!!!英语作文: 假设你是李华,高三学生,现在即将参加高考,面对目前压力,想和父母说说知心话

mom and dad, thank you for my growing concern and help, give me a good living and learning conditions, immediately to the college entrance examination, i hope you don't give me too much pressure, let me of a person in the face of the coming exam. in the following days, i will try my best to learn vulnerable subjects, have any questions to ask the teacher and classmates, do not live up to your expectations of me, believe i can do it


dear david,

how about you? i'm so glad to tell you sth about my experience. the exchange activity is about the visitors who comes from american senior high school to launch activity with us. it's an amazing chance for me to practice my oral english and know more about their daily life. and i want to listen some advices about my study english from you.

yours, *******



1: take the school dabache to the suburb. 2: content: to help farmers picking vegetables and fruits, and farmers to communicate, and feel great changes in rural areas, 3: this activity feeling. about 120 words

■英语作文 介绍英国

british advocate "gentleman" and "ladies style", and "ladies first." in daily life, the british note instruments, dress smartly, the british a gift is shaking hands. when dealing with people, pay attention to with honorifics "please", "thank you" and "sorry". english breakfast dish is very rich, there is a range eggs, cereal, bacon, ham, sausage, butter, jam, bread, milk, juice, coffee, etc., are generally welcomed by western countries. in addition, the british like drinking tea, there are around 3 in the afternoon tea habit, as a british people to enjoy a cup of tea, but also as a social.  




dear li lei,

i would like to invite you to visit taiwan. at first, i will introduce this wonderful place to you. taiwan, which is located in the southeast of fujian provience, is the biggest island in china. it is to the north of east sea, to the east of pacific ocean, and to the southwest of west sea. taiwan covers the area of 36000 square kilometers and has the population of 20 million people. taiwan is famous all over the world for its aboundant natural resources, such as, bananas, rices and tea. because of the beautiful sceneries and pleasant weather here, people from different countries are eager to visit taiwan. i strongly recommend you to call on me, and i am sure you will enjoy youself here.

best wishes

yours, li hua
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