my english teacher my english teacher was not tall,but in better shape, with a graceful face, smal

my english teacher

my english teacher was not tall,but in better shape, with a graceful face, small but clear eyes and curly hair. my first impression of her was that she was just like a foreign high school students.

she spoke in a lower voice. when she was lecturing ,if you did not listen carefully, sometimes i did not know what she was talking about. when she was lecturing at class,she liked to change his topic ,as if not in class, we were chatting outside school. suddenly, in her speech, she would jump out one or two words in english, i did not react, i had to think over for quite a while in order to understand what she meant. her lecture was very interesting, as she talked about food in english, i would think of kfc,then she would stop to listen to my views on kfc, she would make clear her idea. “have i make myself clear ? was always on the tip of her tongue, which i thought was to respect our students.

she also told me during class about her university life, so i look forward to my future university life. " every day is interesting in university, very fun, if you like to go outside and hold a party with friends, just slip out of school,that’s ok." she told me in a passionate tone, so i had an idea to grow up.

this was my english teacher.

■关于机器人的英语作文 高中水平

it will be a product of ai(artificial intelligence) and it can do so many things for me, including helping me with all of my housework, especially cleaning the floor which i hate to do most. it could cook the meals anytime for my family. it could send me to school and fetch me from school instead of my parents. added up to all, it could also be my teachers, teaching me english and math! what an assume robot it will be! with the breakthrough of technology, i strongly believe that my dream will come true oneday.

he is a magical robot, he can chat with me, but also play many songs that i like to listen . but his most special is that he can paint a picture, and the paintings are particularly good. because i also learn to draw, so this was especially pleased.

sometimes, when i can not draw the human body and landscape, he would teach me how to draw this shape, how to use color, how to draw eyes and mouth, and so on. he solved many problems for me.for that,my painting levels increased a lot .

■英语作文 高中水平 求写! 题目二选一 不要从网上拉的

the influence of mobile phone on children these days, mobile phones have made an important place in our lives. they have a great influence over all age groups. the hot topic of discussion among the parents these days is "the influence of mobile phones on


the children have been affected a lot from these gadgets. parents think that mobile phones are a tracking tool to know the


of their children. they wish to stay in touch with them all the time. so they want that their child should always carry a mobile handset. we know that, kids below eight should not use mobile phones because of various health hazards. so we should prevent kids from using these high-end devices. a research says that kids who use mobile phones widely are prone to tumors. however, this is not justified as there is no evidence to justify the bad effects of mobile devices. but it is for sure that mobile phones do affect kids, but gradually. you must have heard of health hazards like high or low blood pressure, cancer, etc., which can occur by using these phones. therefore, children should be told to avoid the extensive use of mobile phones as it may badly affect their nervous system. apart from health hazards, these handsets can also affect the kids in other ways. for instance, the latest phones have the ability to share photos and videos. a kid can just push wrong buttons and send some details to a wrong person. he may also dial numbers


and create problems for others. in short, we can say that mobile devices are beneficial for kids but have some


too. there are certain things which parents need to consider while deciding which mobile phone they should purchase for their kid. they should consider the price, network service and features. the drop in prices of phones and the


of latest mobile phones with amazing deals and offers are motivating parents to purchase mobile phones for their kids. they can also learn easily the functions and features of these latest devices. even an eight year old can easily learn how to send messages, capture pictures, make calls and play games

■跪求高中英语作文 my hobby 单写爱好是旅游的

my only hobby is travelling. i like to travel on man-pack basis and must be on a shoe-string budget. i either travel alone or just with a lady rugged partner. i like to rough it out in the open, therefore my lady partner must also able to do it. my partner must share the same loading as me during the travel. we can also have fun together.

■跪求英语作文,高中水平即可。100词左右。题目是how to get information in

示例一:in modern world, whether you can master the latest information may in a sense determine how successful you are. but what can be effective ways to get information?

no doubt, internet is an important information resources. whether you’re a professional in a certain field or just an ordinary person, mostly you can get what you need by surfing the internet. besides, watching television, listening to radio can help you get information about the current news, the development in many fields etc. but one source which can be underestimated is reading books. even today, for many, books are still the convenient and useful to get information.

therefore, with so easy access to a large quantity information, we should make good use of it and improve our work and study.

示例二:in the modern world, it is important to be well-informed. success in many fields depends on getting the latest information. at the same time, failure in policy-making often results from the lack of necessary information. that is why we call the current era "the information age".

there are many means of getting information which enable us to keep up with what is going on in the world. first, we read newspapers and news magazines. for example, the typical daily newspaper contains articles about local, regional, national and international news, as well as sports news, weather reports, and other features. second, we listen to the news on the radio and watch it on television. in addition, some tv stations offer early morning news, late night news and weekly news programs. no doubt, there are still many other means of getting information.

as far as the role of information in the future is concerned, i believe that information will play a more and more important part in people's decision-making.


one possible version: liu xiang, a shanghai native, was born on july 13, 1983. his height is 188cm , weight 74kg . singing and the computer are his hobbies. in march, 1999, he entered the shanghai track and field team and one year later, he was admitted to the national youth team. sun haiping has been training him. in 2002, he won the gold modals in the men’s 110m hurdles at the asian games and the asian championships. the next year, he took third in the 60m hurdles at the world indoor championships in england . at the athens olympic games on august 27, 2004. liu won the men’s 110m hurdles final in 12.91 seconds, equaling the world record set and breaking the olympic record. we all sincerely hope that he will get better in the 2008 olympic games in beijing


my name is lin tao. i always have a dream to own a robot in 2010 named superman. it will be a product of ai(artificial intelligence) and it can do so many things for me, including helping me with all of my housework, especially cleaning the floor which i hate to do most. it could cook the meals anytime for my family. it could send me to school and fetch me from school instead of my parents. added up to all, it could also be my teachers, teaching me english and math! what an assume robot it will be! with the breakthrough of technology, i strongly believe that my dream will come true oneday.

have you ever thought about the life with robots in the next 50 or 100 years? we can imagine that all the housework, including washing dishes and cleaning the windows and many kinds of things like this, will be done easily and automatically. it is just because we have robots. as long as they are at home, we will not need to go shopping and cooking by ourselves any more.if any family member get ill, we can still stay in our apartment. because the robot is the doctor.

yes, robots may be everything except humans in the future.


january 15th,sunny

as the winter vacation is drawing near, i have a plan about my vacation. i'm going to do what i want to do. i'm going to study harder in order to get good grades in the following term. after finishing all my homework, i'm going to enjoy myself in the sea of knowledge. reading must be a good idea. i'm going to keep fit at the same time. i'll get up eary in the morning everyday and play sports. i really love sports. besides that, eating a balanced diet is also good for my health. i'm going to help my mom and dad with the housework as well in the vacation.i'll learn to cook. as for travelling, i'm planning to go to hainan. but whether going there or not will be decided on the weather.during the vacation,i'm going to visit my friends,i really miss them.



in current society, people have known the importance of keeping healthy and good life habit. in the past, people ate three meals at home, and they ate more vegetables and less meat and fish. they were very strong and seldom went to see doctors.

now life is better, people eat more meat, fish, eggs and other food with more fat. they often go out for good meals with their families and friends. but they get easy to be ill, why?

i think more meat and fish, less exercise are bad for health. good rest, less meat and fish, more vegetables and enough exercise are good for health. so i exercise every day. my eating habits are pretty good. i eat a lot of vegetables. i eat fruit and drink milk every day. i drink a cup of water 15 minutes before each meal and eat much vegetables and fruit. of course, i love junk food, too, and i eat it once a week. and i sleep nine hours every day.

the better we get into good eating habits, the happier our life becomes


recently we did a research on the effects that a good breakfast made on students. the study showed that students with a good breakfast every morning, which contained eggs, bread, milk and so on, were healthier than those without breakfast. they grew faster and were less likely to put on weight and get ill. by eating breakfast every morning, the students could feel alive and quick in the morning’s work at school. they were full of energy and could focus their attention easily for a long time. their scores in the tests were much higher than those of the students who went to school without breakfast. compared with the students with a good breakfast every day, the students without breakfast were less active and got tired more easily in sports. they couldn’t run as fast as those with breakfast. from the research we can see that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. it not only affects our health but also our study and work, even our feelings. let’s prepare ourselves a good breakfast every day to keep us healthy both mentally and physically.

■介绍青岛的英语作文 高中水平 用来演讲

qingdao is an important economic center and coastal open cities, is a national historical and cultural cities and scenic tourism resort.

the southern tip of shandong peninsula, qingdao is located in an area of 10,654 square kilometers, with a total population of 6.99 million. which the urban area of 1102 square km, population 2.24 million. has jurisdiction over city south, city north, the quartet, licang, laoshan, shenyang city, huangdao seven areas and jimo, jiaozhou, jiaonan, roughness, lacey five county-level cities. mild climate, a temperate monsoon climate, annual average temperature of 12.2 degrees.

filed qingdao people often think of here is the bustling modern city and the world-famous summer resort. qingdao set foot on this land, a dizzying variety of villas: pointed, round, high, low, stone ,...... hillside beside the road were built. yin yin planting trees at the roadside, another expanse of loudong red tiles, red and green xiangying, different scenery







■描写人物外貌的英语作文,高中水平 谢谢


she has a great eye, great god, curved eyebrows like the crescent of heaven, very straight nose, red lips, wearing a tall, pony-tailed, it is beautiful. she loves to laugh and helpful, always bringing joy to others, and we all loved her.

















■帮我写一篇英语作文:我最好的朋友 要求:议论文或者是个高中以上水平的

1.我最好的朋友(my best friend)

i think everyone has a good friend, so am i.

my best friend's name is tony.he is a lovely boy.when i meet him,i like speak to him.he always can make me happy.if i am said,i will say with him,then he will make me happy.so i always like talking with him.

he is a teacher, he always can turn in brief the complicated problem.he is helpful.if you have hard problem,he will help you to solve it.he also like sport,after school,he like to play badminton with other person.i also like to play with him,because he will teach me if i don’t understand.from he,i can learn a lots knowledge.iam a like to learn girl,so i like to follow him.at the same, he becomes my good friend and good teacher in my in the mind.this is one of my good friends.


谢谢你-我最好的朋友(thank you--my best friend)

three years ago, i was a cool and detached girl. i never helped others or cried, because i thought that was very boring.

one day an unusual girl rushed into my life. she looks like a boy and she is also very lovely. she is very cheerful. i always feel she is a "red sun". she is the most beautiful girl that i have ever seen. she often helps me and plays with me. we became good friends at once. since then, i have been sanguine.

now, i am still a happy girl. i'm often moved by the world. i think our life is so short, and it isn't easy for people to live in the world. i've learned to help others and to cry. i've also learned to be happy and grateful. i also understand that crying doesn't mean "coward", crying can mean "visualize a bright future!"

though she has lots of new friends and i have many too, she will be my best friend forever, because she has taught me a lot…

thank you--my best friend!


■帮我写一篇 关于 心灵美 的英语作文 高中水平就行了。谢谢 在线等。。。

beauty does not only come from appearance

when we say someone is beautiful, it always means that he or she is good-looking. but there is another kind of beauty which doesn’t come from appearance, but from heart.

a young lady is walking on the road, eating a banana, she is tall, slim, well dressed and beautiful. but look, what’s she doing? she throws the banana skins on the road, instead of into the dustbin, though the dustbin is just beside her. she is beautiful in appearance, but not in heart.

afterwards, a disabled man comes. he picks up the banana skins and throws them into the dustbin. although the girl is beautiful and fashionate, i don’t think she is beautiful.

beauty doesn’t only come from appearance. it also comes from your heart, your action and your good qualities. good appearance makes you beautiful, but not in mind. having a heart with kindness, selflessness and helpfulness makes you the most beautiful person in the world.


艾弗森阿伦·艾弗森(allen iverson),美国nba著名篮球运动员,曾多次入选nba全明星阵容,曾任美国男篮梦之队队长。原地净弹跳高度达到40.5英吋,助跑净弹跳高度更是达到了45英吋(即114cm左右)。


怎样学好英语,这似乎是一个很古老的话题了.在三年的大学生活中,我最引以为豪的是我的 英语成绩.当然我的英语成绩不是很突出,但我所取得的进步却是很可喜的.高中时我的英语成绩属于中等水平,高考也只有98分.一进大学,我就为英语学习犯难了.再学不好英语,那就等于给自己以后的道路增设障碍.于是乎,路漫漫其修远兮,吾将上下求英语.终于,工夫不负有心人,我终于取得了优异的成绩.在过了四级的同时,我也取得了口语考试的资格,并且也在口语考试中得了c+.去年又一次性通过了六级.最让我感到欣慰的是在大二时,我参加全国大学生英语竞赛得了三等奖.我所有的成绩也证明了一个道理:一分耕耘,一分收获.


taiwan is the biggest island in china with the acreage of

36000 square kilometers and a great population of over 20

million. taiwan is also a resourceful place.

the island of taiwan offers sunny beaches, richly forested mountains, sleepy countrysides.temples and monuments of both chinese and japanese heritage mix withmhigh-rises in cities that keep going until dawn. dazzling festivals,luxuriant hotsprings, delectable dining - they all lie in store.

taiwan's diverse topography and culture, and its vibrant commercial environment, make it a choice destination for traveller and business visitor alike.

■跪求 高中英语作文范文

dear joan,

i would like to share with you a few things i have come to realise about studying english.

i used to think that learning english invovles only memorizing grammar and volcabularies, i didn't like reading or speaking with classmates in english.

now, i have realised that learning english means communicating more using it. the more i speak in english, the more i learn about it,thus, i have started to like speaking english with classmates. i read english articles and other english materials online often now and i think it has been a tremendous help in improving my english!

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